Our Products

We source the majority of our products directly from our local suppliers in the Kalamata region, specializing in:

Kalamata olives, Kalamata figs and the local variety of artichokes (wild artichokes)

  • Kalamata olives, Protected Destination Origin (PDO), are considered to be the top premium olives in the world, with very well documented antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health benefits. Famous and in exceptionally high demand globally, they constitute the crown jewel of our products’ range.
  • Kalamata figs are the most famous, preservative-free, figs in the world. They have an excellent flesh and a seductive sweetness, that distinctly sets them apart from the other fig varieties.
  • The local variety of artichokes, also called wild artichokes, is one of the best kept local secrets. Their health benefits and their unique taste are just another confirmation of the quality of the local “terroir”.
  • In addition to our local expertise, we also process other famous Greek products, like Halkidiki and Amfissa olives (green and black). Finally, we source very high quality Kalamata extra virgin olive oil, both on a standalone basis and as an ingredient to our other products.

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